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We are a furniture manufacturer specialized in designing and producing rustic & modern teak furniture and handicrafts. All of our products are designed with comfort and style in mind, and the concept of the furniture is to bring back nature; the old ancient and primitive time.

Our line of rustic style furniture is designed mainly for the outdoors, such as gardens, pools, as well as beaches. And our modern line is designed mainly for the indoors, such as living rooms, dining rooms, as well as bedrooms.

We cater both the residential and hospitality market, and our selections include a vast selection of furniture such as living sets, dining sets, gazebos, swing chairs, as well as pool side benches.

All of our products are made of teak wood and they have been dried and treated. We take every possible measure to ensure that each and every item that came out of our production lines has the highest quality and durability to meet the international standards and regulations.