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• Rustic Style
The concept of our rustic line is to create eco-friendly furniture which signifies nature and brings back the old ancient & primitive time when tools and equipments were limited. Applying today’s technology, we combine our teak products with selection of upholstery, such as vinyl rattan, water repellent fabric, as well as cowhide, to create a comfortable and stylish design that can be used in today’s modern homes.

• Modern Style
The concept for our modern line is to create a unique and signifying piece that pays tribute to traditional/ethnic elements, as well as artisans and handcrafters that make them. Each design is created with a traditional touch of hand works.

• Rustic Style
All of our products are hand-crafted from dried teak branches. Our method are ecologically-friendly as we use only recycled materials of a teak tree, such as tree trunks and branches, as well as roots that has been wasted during deforestation.
Their strength and durability have been tested through time, as each piece have been naturally dried over the years, and stand against termites and other wood-related problems. Every joint is pinned and glued, assuring long-term stability even in the most demanding environments.

• Modern Style
We use mainly teak wood, which we buy from our supplier, the state-appointed Perhutani. We use kiln-drying chamber to dry our wood to ensure low moisture contents. Each planks and branches are then treated for termites to ensure strength and durability.

All of our products go through production process that includes drying, peeling, framing, sanding, and finishing. Each item must go through an inspection process before they are allowed to continue to the next stage.
After completion of our production process, each individual product is then carefully inspected by our QC again, before they are packed and finally shipped. We pride ourselves on high-quality products and customer satisfactions. Our team of qualified furniture-makers uses the best materials and methods for an optimum result.